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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Open to interpretation

Nozbe is open to interpretation and customization. Pretty much none of the features can be seen one-dimensionally - each can be given different aspect by the way YOU use it.


We have built Nozbe to accommodate needs not of only us, but of a wider public. At first, it was single user approach... ergo the high attention to privacy of accounts even in team environments.

However, we have built it SIMPLE. The key to it all is the simplicity and ability to adapt the features to your private needs.

There are very few things in Nozbe that can be understood flat as they are... The Inbox is one. But all the rest can be seen differently, depending on your own use and imagination.

Some of the ways in which Nozbe has been successfully applied, have really surprised even us. That's why, within the last few months, you can see a returning series of posts on how our users use Nozbe.

Here is the list for you convenience:

  1. Robby Miles.
  2. Mike St Pierre.
  3. Pedro Rodinger.
  4. Jamie Rufe. - F.R.E.S.H system
  5. Eric Fisher.
  6. Brian Talty.

The series will certainly be continued. We hope that they will come in handy in creation of trainings and adapting Nozbe to individual needs and requirements of prospective users.

I believe you will find these entries as a good springboard for developing your own materials. Should you have any questions, wish to share ideas or consult something, simply email me at: delfina@nozbe.com

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Upon much consideration and consultations with our Ambassadors and Affiliates, the final and permanent version of the scheme of the Partner Program has been developed.


Previous version

Up until now, the program said: 20%-30% commission in the 1st year, depending on the level of the Affiliate Partner you are, and 5% thereafter. Discount coupons were granted to each new user with the use of the affiliate link.

Community feedback

Although most of our partners have been really open to changes in the commission scheme, most have also raised concerns about the influence this has on their income from the program, fairness thereof. We have had individual consultations with many of you, and with all of the Ambassadors. As a result, we decided to change our approach a tad, to sweeten the deal and to encourage all of you.

The Final Scheme

  1. The commissions in the first year stay fixed at 20-30%, depending on the status you have in the program (20% - Affiliate, 25% - Affiliate PRO with over 500 USD commission for the previous year; and 30% for Ambassadors)
  2. The commission for the second year is flat for all the levels of partners - 10%
  3. The commission for every year thereafter is 5%.

Of course this applies to all the recurring payments.

As for the codes, all affiliates have inbuilt codes that grant benefits to the parties using their links. Earlier version granted 10%-15% discount, but this negatively impacted the ability of the affiliates to go PRO, and we would rather have as many PRO partners as possible. To put it bluntly... the better off you are, the better we are as well ;-D. Therefore, we have decided to turn the % discount into extra months on the accounts, applicable to annual subscriptions. All partners get a 1-month coupon inbuilt. Ambassadors can request additional codes for a bonus covering more months. Requests are to be send to Delfina.

Monday, April 18, 2016

How Nozbe uses Nozbe?

Several Nozbe team members have published their insight into how we use Nozbe in our daily work.

Nozbe uses Nozbe

I believe we should start with the office... My bad... NO OFFICE ;-D Our team has shown some of the desktops we have and the minimalist approach we share in this post.

There is also a tad old, but still valid post on how our programmers use Nozbe to help them develop it. It can be a springboard for thoughts for yours or your client's team.

Our support team also has shared some insight into their use of Nozbe.

Michael has not left you planted as well. Here is how he manages his own work and that of his employees via Nozbe. Some other of his tricks Michael shared in the Unschedule post.

At some point, even those tricks did not quite cut it... So Michael hired an assistant. Interested how they work together? Take a peek!

To wrap it all up our Product Manager - Rafał - shared with the public something that we also use and that helps us develop better and faster apps for you: here is his blog entry on Automation.

This pretty much sums up how we - The Nozbe Team - use our own tool on a day-to-day basis.

And for those who still wonder... here is why Nozbe is called Nozbe :-)

I hope you will find these entries as a good springboard for developing your own materials. Should you have any questions, wish to share ideas or consult something, simply email me at: delfina@nozbe.com

Monday, April 11, 2016

Practical tips on alternative uses of Nozbe and its features

Experience teaches us that not all obvious things are so clear and easy to all. A series of blog posts rose out of the questions frequently asked by the users.

nozbe use

To those proficient with Nozbe most of these articles will come as no revelation, but they certainly can be of help to the people you plan to introduce to Nozbe.

The sheer number of questions arriving daily on those matters to Nozbe support email inbox indicates that it is advisable to include them in the training provided to others.

Here is the list of the topics:

  1. iCal. As you know we do not yet have direct integration with the iCal, but it is possible to get Nozbe in sync with it nonetheless.

One only has to remember, while at it, to include the sub-calendars. And here is as an old, but still valid blog entry on the matter.

  1. Keeping your action/task names short. The article may seem a little "rough" but turns out to be pretty useful.

  2. Marcus Platt's cheatsheet and plugin. Please note that in v. 3.0+ the shortcuts were totally redesigned so information on them in the cheatsheet is out-dated. Details on the newest shortcuts you will find here.

  3. Security and external integrations.

  4. Team management.

  5. One of the most frequently misunderstood features of Nozbe are the Labels... Here is a bit on how to make the best of them.

  6. To boost the benefits of Nozbe Labels come the colors. Their mixing can create a powerful productivity potion.

  7. Another option which tends to be overly "flattened" by users are the Categories.

  8. Comments... nothing to add? Well, yes, they are there to help you communicate, but why only see them as such? They can be notes, they can serve you as attachments base, you name it. Be creative ;-D

  9. The endless question of recurring tasks.

  10. Here is something each user who cooperates via Nozbe is interested in. What happens when you leave the project?

  11. No chain tasks bothers you? Here is a solution.

  12. Is there a difference between sharing a project and inviting someone to your team? Certainly. This will help you explain it.

  13. Not so hidden, but one of the newest features are the shareable project Templates that we call Nozbe.how. They are a great way to promote Nozbe and your know-how with others. They can also help you and your clients keep on track with routines.

As you can see a lot has been written and we trust it is of help and inspiration

I hope you will find these entries as a good spring board for developing your own materials. Should you have any questions, wish to share ideas or consult something, simply email me at: delfina@nozbe.com

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A compilation of posts on various uses of Nozbe

Over the years, I have written quite a few posts for Nozbe blog. Some of them were intended for specific occupations.

Nozbe use

I feel it would be beneficial to the community to have them all listed in one place.

So here comes the list with links:

  1. Nozbe for lawyers

  2. Ideas for students

  3. Tips for teachers and professors

  4. How a real estate agent may use Nozbe

  5. Medical use of Nozbe

I hope you will find these entries as a good spring board for developing your own materials. Should you have any questions, wish to share ideas or consult something, simply email me at: delfina@nozbe.com

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nozbe.club - Share Nozbe and save... or get cash :-)

After summer vacation, the "busy time" has started. Luckily you're already equipped with one of the best productivity tools out there - you have the Nozbe app on your computer and smartphone (and tablet?).

But many people don't have it. They are still using old-school tools and are struggling to get it all done.

You can help them, here's how:

In this short video we explain that you can recommend Nozbe to anyone, by sharing your unique Nozbe link on social media or sending it to your friends.

Just go to "Settings" and "Affiliate Panel" in your app and copy your unique link and share your Nozbe experience!

When people sign up to Nozbe with your link, they'll not only get the best productivity tool to help them get more done. When they upgrade, they'll save 10% thanks to you!

And you'll get a 20% commission from each of them! You'll be able to use this money to earn additional months of your Nozbe service... or we'll just send you the extra cash if you want.

Start recommending Nozbe with your unique link today!

P.S. Psst. I'd like to share another secret with you. In a week, we'll start a new "Back to work" promotion. This will be a special offer for existing and new Nozbe users. So if you start sharing your Nozbe link today, people you recommended Nozbe to will be even more likely to upgrade.

But I can't tell you more. Mark 9/9 in your calendar. Until then, recommend Nozbe to your friends and social media followers.

P.P.S. Do you have a blog? If so, consider writing a blog post sharing your Nozbe experience. That's the best way of recommending Nozbe. If you need inspiration, here's how Michael Hyatt did it.

When you write your blog entry about Nozbe, let me know by emailing me the link to your post. I'll be happy to re-share it on social media to my 20K+ followers and friends.

P.P.P.S. Let me introduce you to Delfina, our Affiliate Manager at Nozbe. She's my employee no.2 in Nozbe and she's been leading our Customer Support Team for all these years, so you might have "met her" through email at some point. Now she's your person. She knows everything about Nozbe and she knows how to help you to succeed at spreading the "good news" about Nozbe. Send her an email and say hi!.