Upon much consideration and consultations with our Ambassadors and Affiliates, the final and permanent version of the scheme of the Partner Program has been developed.


Previous version

Up until now, the program said: 20%-30% commission in the 1st year, depending on the level of the Affiliate Partner you are, and 5% thereafter. Discount coupons were granted to each new user with the use of the affiliate link.

Community feedback

Although most of our partners have been really open to changes in the commission scheme, most have also raised concerns about the influence this has on their income from the program, fairness thereof. We have had individual consultations with many of you, and with all of the Ambassadors. As a result, we decided to change our approach a tad, to sweeten the deal and to encourage all of you.

The Final Scheme

  1. The commissions in the first year stay fixed at 20-30%, depending on the status you have in the program (20% - Affiliate, 25% - Affiliate PRO with over 500 USD commission for the previous year; and 30% for Ambassadors)
  2. The commission for the second year is flat for all the levels of partners - 10%
  3. The commission for every year thereafter is 5%.

Of course this applies to all the recurring payments.

As for the codes, all affiliates have inbuilt codes that grant benefits to the parties using their links. Earlier version granted 10%-15% discount, but this negatively impacted the ability of the affiliates to go PRO, and we would rather have as many PRO partners as possible. To put it bluntly... the better off you are, the better we are as well ;-D. Therefore, we have decided to turn the % discount into extra months on the accounts, applicable to annual subscriptions. All partners get a 1-month coupon inbuilt. Ambassadors can request additional codes for a bonus covering more months. Requests are to be send to Delfina.

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (Final Changes to the Program)