Practical tips on alternative uses of Nozbe and its features

Experience teaches us that not all obvious things are so clear and easy to all. A series of blog posts rose out of the questions frequently asked by the users.

nozbe use

To those proficient with Nozbe most of these articles will come as no revelation, but they certainly can be of help to the people you plan to introduce to Nozbe.

The sheer number of questions arriving daily on those matters to Nozbe support email inbox indicates that it is advisable to include them in the training provided to others.

Here is the list of the topics:

  1. iCal. As you know we do not yet have direct integration with the iCal, but it is possible to get Nozbe in sync with it nonetheless.

One only has to remember, while at it, to include the sub-calendars. And here is as an old, but still valid blog entry on the matter.

  1. Keeping your action/task names short. The article may seem a little "rough" but turns out to be pretty useful.

  2. Marcus Platt's cheatsheet and plugin. Please note that in v. 3.0+ the shortcuts were totally redesigned so information on them in the cheatsheet is out-dated. Details on the newest shortcuts you will find here.

  3. Security and external integrations.

  4. Team management.

  5. One of the most frequently misunderstood features of Nozbe are the Labels... Here is a bit on how to make the best of them.

  6. To boost the benefits of Nozbe Labels come the colors. Their mixing can create a powerful productivity potion.

  7. Another option which tends to be overly "flattened" by users are the Categories.

  8. Comments... nothing to add? Well, yes, they are there to help you communicate, but why only see them as such? They can be notes, they can serve you as attachments base, you name it. Be creative ;-D

  9. The endless question of recurring tasks.

  10. Here is something each user who cooperates via Nozbe is interested in. What happens when you leave the project?

  11. No chain tasks bothers you? Here is a solution.

  12. Is there a difference between sharing a project and inviting someone to your team? Certainly. This will help you explain it.

  13. Not so hidden, but one of the newest features are the shareable project Templates that we call They are a great way to promote Nozbe and your know-how with others. They can also help you and your clients keep on track with routines.

As you can see a lot has been written and we trust it is of help and inspiration

I hope you will find these entries as a good spring board for developing your own materials. Should you have any questions, wish to share ideas or consult something, simply email me at:

Posted on Monday, April 11, 2016 (Nozbe use,tips,Nozbe features)