How Nozbe uses Nozbe?

Several Nozbe team members have published their insight into how we use Nozbe in our daily work.

Nozbe uses Nozbe

I believe we should start with the office... My bad... NO OFFICE ;-D Our team has shown some of the desktops we have and the minimalist approach we share in this post.

There is also a tad old, but still valid post on how our programmers use Nozbe to help them develop it. It can be a springboard for thoughts for yours or your client's team.

Our support team also has shared some insight into their use of Nozbe.

Michael has not left you planted as well. Here is how he manages his own work and that of his employees via Nozbe. Some other of his tricks Michael shared in the Unschedule post.

At some point, even those tricks did not quite cut it... So Michael hired an assistant. Interested how they work together? Take a peek!

To wrap it all up our Product Manager - Rafał - shared with the public something that we also use and that helps us develop better and faster apps for you: here is his blog entry on Automation.

This pretty much sums up how we - The Nozbe Team - use our own tool on a day-to-day basis.

And for those who still wonder... here is why Nozbe is called Nozbe :-)

I hope you will find these entries as a good springboard for developing your own materials. Should you have any questions, wish to share ideas or consult something, simply email me at:

Posted on Monday, April 18, 2016 (Nozbe use,Nozbe team,use case)