Open to interpretation

Nozbe is open to interpretation and customization. Pretty much none of the features can be seen one-dimensionally - each can be given different aspect by the way YOU use it.


We have built Nozbe to accommodate needs not of only us, but of a wider public. At first, it was single user approach... ergo the high attention to privacy of accounts even in team environments.

However, we have built it SIMPLE. The key to it all is the simplicity and ability to adapt the features to your private needs.

There are very few things in Nozbe that can be understood flat as they are... The Inbox is one. But all the rest can be seen differently, depending on your own use and imagination.

Some of the ways in which Nozbe has been successfully applied, have really surprised even us. That's why, within the last few months, you can see a returning series of posts on how our users use Nozbe.

Here is the list for you convenience:

  1. Robby Miles.
  2. Mike St Pierre.
  3. Pedro Rodinger.
  4. Jamie Rufe. - F.R.E.S.H system
  5. Eric Fisher.
  6. Brian Talty.

The series will certainly be continued. We hope that they will come in handy in creation of trainings and adapting Nozbe to individual needs and requirements of prospective users.

I believe you will find these entries as a good springboard for developing your own materials. Should you have any questions, wish to share ideas or consult something, simply email me at:

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 (Nozbe use,use case)