- Share Nozbe and save... or get cash :-)

After summer vacation, the "busy time" has started. Luckily you're already equipped with one of the best productivity tools out there - you have the Nozbe app on your computer and smartphone (and tablet?).

But many people don't have it. They are still using old-school tools and are struggling to get it all done.

You can help them, here's how:

In this short video we explain that you can recommend Nozbe to anyone, by sharing your unique Nozbe link on social media or sending it to your friends.

Just go to "Settings" and "Affiliate Panel" in your app and copy your unique link and share your Nozbe experience!

When people sign up to Nozbe with your link, they'll not only get the best productivity tool to help them get more done. When they upgrade, they'll save 10% thanks to you!

And you'll get a 20% commission from each of them! You'll be able to use this money to earn additional months of your Nozbe service... or we'll just send you the extra cash if you want.

Start recommending Nozbe with your unique link today!

P.S. Psst. I'd like to share another secret with you. In a week, we'll start a new "Back to work" promotion. This will be a special offer for existing and new Nozbe users. So if you start sharing your Nozbe link today, people you recommended Nozbe to will be even more likely to upgrade.

But I can't tell you more. Mark 9/9 in your calendar. Until then, recommend Nozbe to your friends and social media followers.

P.P.S. Do you have a blog? If so, consider writing a blog post sharing your Nozbe experience. That's the best way of recommending Nozbe. If you need inspiration, here's how Michael Hyatt did it.

When you write your blog entry about Nozbe, let me know by emailing me the link to your post. I'll be happy to re-share it on social media to my 20K+ followers and friends.

P.P.P.S. Let me introduce you to Delfina, our Affiliate Manager at Nozbe. She's my employee no.2 in Nozbe and she's been leading our Customer Support Team for all these years, so you might have "met her" through email at some point. Now she's your person. She knows everything about Nozbe and she knows how to help you to succeed at spreading the "good news" about Nozbe. Send her an email and say hi!.

Posted on Wednesday, September 2, 2015